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Premier Shipyard Of Choice

Proud To Be Part Of Your Best Solution

Premier Shipyard Of Choice

Proud To Be Part Of Your Best Solution

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  • - AIR BAG & WINCH SYSTEM : Our airbags and winches system have been tested and fully reliable to pull the vessels with length up to 135 meter, width 40 meter and DWT up to 10.000 Tons. We have various dimension of airbag, from diameter 1.8m - 2.5m and length about 18m.
  • - SLIPWAY : We operate largest concrete slipways in Indonesia with total 67.207 m2. Currently we have 12 slots of slipway,variant size with maximum length about 250 meter.
  •        PT. Dok Pantai Lamongan have many supporting facilities for ship repair, ship conversion and new building. Our supporting facilities are:
  • - Building Area (5 Slot @150 m x 50 m)
  • - Workshops : Mechanical workshop, Welding workshop, piping workshop, electrical workshop, heavy equipment workshop, airbag workshop
  • - Heavy Equipment : Forklift with capacity 3 ton, 5 ton and 7 ton, Cherry Picker, Shore Crane with capacity 50 ton, 100 ton, 160 ton and 250 ton
  • - Generator with various capacity
  • - Dormitory, Polyclinic, Gym.
  • - Other tools : Water Jet, Painting tools, Welding Machine with various type and capacity
  • - Floating / Cofferdam Area (300 m x 50 m)
  • - Mechanical Workshop Equipment : Drilling Machine, Lathe Machine, CNC Plasma Cutter, Milling Machine, Drilling Machine, Bending Machine
  • - Jig Assembly Area
  • - Fire Line Hydrant
  • - Central Gas
  • - Office for Owner Surveyor
  • - BOLLARD PULL TEST FACILITIES : For supporting offshore activity in North Java, PT. Dok Pantai Lamongan also provide service for bollard pull test. Our bollard capacity up to 100 ton SWL. A lot of supply vessel operated on North Java was used our service for bollard pull test.
  • - BOSCH PUMP SERVICE FACILITIES : PT. Dok Pantai Lamongan also able to handle various projects for Bosch pump services.
  • - UT CLEANING SERVICE FACILITIES FOR COOLER UT CLEANING PROCESS : We also able to handle cooler cleaning such as intercooler, LO Cooler, Fresh Water Cooler, etc., by using UT Cleaning Method. We guarantee these method will giving more high quality cleaning than others with competitive cost
  • - TURBO CHARGER SERVICE FACILITIES : PT. Dok Pantai Lamongan also specializes in the maintenance, repairs and overhaul for turbocharger. We also capable for servicing any marine engine manufacture turbocharger unit.

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